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K9 Country Club’s on staff veterinarian Danette Roberts DVM provides the commitment to excellence your family’s pet deserves. With 20 years of experience, Danette is very compassionate about her clients and their beloved pets.

Our veterinary office is open weekdays from 8 am – 5:30 pm and closed for the weekends.

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Veterinary Services Provided at K9 Country Club

Spokane Vet Exam, Spokane Veterinary services

Preventative Care
Schedule an appointment for a veterinary exam and we’ll make sure your loved one is receiving medical care tailored to the individual.

Pet RFID, Dog microchip at spokane vet clinic

Identification Microchipping
About the size of a grain of rice, a microchip is a safe and humane way to help reconnect owners with their lost animals.

Healthy Dog Diet and Nutrition at Spokane Vet Clinic

Diet and Nutrition
Not every pet eats the same. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Roberts and let’s find the right mix of food to meet your animal’s needs.

Spokane Veterinary Services and Surgery

Professional Surgery
On occasion, surgery is the best option to get your pet back to top condition. Call today to schedule a medical exam.

Pet Blood work for healthy dogs at spokane vet clinic

Blood Work
Blood work may be necessary in multiple occasions to determine the overall health or condition of your animal.

pet spay and neuter, cat spay, dog neuter, all at spokane vet clinic

Reproductive Spay and Neuter
Spaying and neutering can be a health benefit for many animals by reducing their risk to reproductive diseases and cancers.

Do I need to schedule an appointment prior to stopping by?

Yes, please call (509) 283-7532 to schedule your appointment. We are open on weekdays from 8 am – 5:30 pm and closed for the weekends.

How often should my pet receive a dental exam?

We recommend having your animals teeth examined and cleaned one to two times a year. This keeps good attention to one’s dental condition and keep your animals stinky breath under reasonable control.

Should my pet be spayed/neutered? What is the best age for this?

Spaying and neutering limits the chances of reproductive cancer, as well as removes an animals ability to reproduce. Common practice is to have this operation done as early as 6-9 months; however, it can be done at most ages.

My pet has surgery tomorrow, is there anything I should or shouldn't do?

We recommend that you withhold food to your pet for 12 hours prior to surgery. Additionally, the morning of their surgery, try to limit their stress and exertion. Following surgery, we will prescribe medicine and directions as needed.

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