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I’m Janet Preston and I moved here from New Mexico 15 months ago. I live in Spokane for a year and a half. I have one spoiled rotten dog. 

Well she just prances in here like she, you know owns the place and is happy to see everybody. And I, they told me that they had to get on to the employees a bit because instead of walking her they carry her around. And she just, she just loves coming here and I, I feel very comfortable with her being here. 

I’ve boarded her a few times also, not just daycare. I’ve, I’ve used her to, to cut her nails or this service, to cut her nails because she’s a really, she’s a nice dog until he tried to do her nails. 

Well I mean it’s a beautiful building from the outside. I drive by it almost every day and it just looked like a nice place. So I’ve never um boarded her before and we lived in New Mexico and had an acre of land and she was just, you know, running free and she can’t do that in an apartment. They have a dog park but it’s not what she’s used to. 

So I have every confidence when I leave her here. I mean she’s happy to see me but, uh she’s happy when I leave her too. So I love the staff because well they know me by name and there must be hundreds of dogs that come in here let alone the owners and they know me by name. They know Peanut by name and uh it’s been overall a really good experience. I, I have recommended K9 Country Club to my friends and, uh and I, I don’t uh, shy away from that I, I like this place.

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