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K9 Country Club’s Veterinary Office can handle a wide array of cases from preventative care, simple microchipping, and so much more. Our basic veterinary services tend to be the core of any healthy and happy animal.

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Preventative Care

Prevention is better than cure. Often, pet owners bring in their loved one once they show the uncomfortable signs and symptoms of ailments. Our veterinarians are trained and capable to care for such oncoming illnesses however, through routine visits, we are able to better prevent incoming issues. This type of care is generally low maintenance and is no different than your routine checkups with the family doctor.

We are committed to providing the best care for your pet. Routine veterinary visits are a great way to support the health and happiness of your loved ones.

Identification Microchipping

About the size of a grain of rice, a microchip is a safe and humane way to help reconnect owners with their lost animals. With a scannable Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag, a handheld scanner can be used by someone who found your animal to find their owner and how to contact them. It has been proven that cats with RFID tags are 20 times more likely to reconnect with their owners, while dogs are 2.5 times more likely to be reconnected.

Whether your pet is an indoor or outdoor traveler, they should be microchipped. Not only are RFID tags are quick and relatively painless to implant, they are a permanent form of identification, where collars are not. Once they are microchipped, the last step is to register them under a recovery database such as HomeAgain to provide your contact information should they be lost.

Diet and Nutrition

The dietary and nutritional needs of different breeds, ages, and sizes of animals all differ. Creating a fully nutritional diet for your pet is as important as finishing all your broccoli at the dinner table for a healthy and happy pet. No pet food companies have developed a one for all pet food that is fit for all breeds or even all ages of a pet’s lifespan. Careful veterinary nutritional guidance is highly recommended to fully satisfy all the needs of your loved one.

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