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I’m Don and Robin Spedden and we’ve lived here in Spokane a little over 40 years and we’ve been coming to K9 Country Club for the last year and a half. We came to K9 because we lost our dog and decided to get a new puppy and, um, had to find a boarding facility. We had nobody to come into the house to take care of him so we had to find a good boarding facility. So we looked around, we toured some places. We came here, fell in love with it. He boarded for about four days while we were in Seattle, came back home. He was great! 

Around the first snow he decided to jump over Don out of the car and take off down the road. We called and he ran after him and fell, and our twins ran after him and they fell. And finally he came back and I said, you know, we have a problem. He’s going to get out. Somebody’s going to hit him in the car. He’s going to cause a broken ankle, a hip, or something. 

So I said we need to find a place. And so I had been out here and talked with some of the staff and they, I said, how do you get the animals to lie down without a leash? I said, I can’t get him on a leash. I can’t get him to follow. You know, he’s smart, but he’s just everywhere. And they said, have you ever thought about a board and train. And I said no, I don’t even know what that is. They go, well you leave them here. I said you mean you leave them overnight? They said, well you leave them for like four or five weeks and then you come back and they, they train them, And then they bring you into the procedure, or the process, and train you to work with them, on what, and it’s like a building blocks. 

So I said um, okay. So I said how do I go about that? So we came out for the evaluation. The evaluation is very reasonable, um, I know it’s $95, it’s worth every cent. We came in. First we met with the owner Nick Lungu and he said okay you’re here for it, you know what are some of his problems what are the things you see? Um, we told them the things they’re like running off. Not coming back. What would you do? And he said, well let’s do the evaluations. 

So we filled out all the paperwork. He stayed, we left Harris and, our dog’s name is Harry. He’s a miniature Australian Shepherd. He stayed and um, we came back in a couple hours and we formulated a plan. And he said, what would you like to do? And Don and I both looked at each other and said, you know I think we need to do this because it’s a safety issue for us. It’s in a safety issue for our dog. The best thing we could have done for both our family and Harry. We’ve been thrilled with it so happy that we are continuing on a weekly training program to not only continue Harry’s training, but also to train us as dog owners. We, we’ve used them all. We’ve used all the services! Anything from their veterinary services to, to grooming. We buy our dog food here, um his toys are here, the kid, and we just came, we brought him today and we came in and he sees some of his favorite people that he notices like Jessica and Jessi, and Cassie. And he runs to them and, Carly and it’s like he is like so excited it’s like an old friend. 

Uh, using a five-star system we’d have to go with the five stars. Um, we’ve talked to a number of our friends, acquaintances, neighbors about K9. I know that some of them have actually come out and used their services and they were very pleased. There’s not another place in Spokane that that even halfway matches what Nick and his staff can do here at K9 Country Club. And I guess one thing I think of too that is so important is they love our animals. And they are good to our animals. If you have a question, you call and say hey I don’t understand this. What’s he doing, whatever, um, do I, how do I do this? And they immediately get back and go here, try this, or whatever. And we see it in Harry’s behavior when he comes out here. He’s happy. He’s happy!

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