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I’m Mindy Agajanian. And I’m Louis Agajanian and we’ve been in Spokane 22 years. All my life we just have one mini schnauzer and we got him in June. Just this last June. Our other dog was a miniature schnauzer and he went to doggy heaven in May. So we were able to find a new little guy to fill his place and he’s our only child. And we’ve had and we’ve had other mini Schnauzers as well. So, you know, it’s kind of, yeah, it’s kind of our go-to dog. 

Yeah, we’ve been using K9 Country Club for probably right around seven weeks now. It’s been wonderful. Our dog was basically a broken dog and when we brought him here the training and the loving and nurturing he’s received here. He’s turned into a different dog. We’re really looking forward to taking him home. Just the girls at the front desk. All the people here have been just wonderful. Nick and I found we have a lot, a lot personally in common and he’s very direct and very succinct and I appreciate that. He’s been consistent in his follow-up with me and as busy as he is, the girls recognize us. You know and call us by our name or by the dog’s name when we come in and everybody has been just eager to attend to us like we’re the only client, you know, it’s been really wonderful, great experience and I’ve been in the public eye for a long time and I I really appreciate that. 

The consistency and we’re just now getting to work with him. So it’s I think it’s mostly getting us trained. More so than the R Murphy. So the training I think is on us now. He was, he was a perfectly fine dog when we adopted him in June and then we had a kind of a traumatic experience with a break-in at our home and it’s pretty scary for us obviously, but it was, even more, scarier for a 9-month-old dog that had just been with us for about 10 days. So he was loving and friendly and everything was wonderful until this incident and we didn’t know what to do because anyone that came to the house he had turned vicious. 

So this has been a wonderful experience for us to bring him here and help him get through that. Well, I would tell them that any level of service that your dog needs you know anything from veterinary service to grooming, let alone the intensive training that they do here. If there’s something lacking in your dog that you want to improve upon or teach him, this would be the first place that I would recommend. 

He’s been here for a solid since September 9th, so he’s. He’s enjoyed it, I think. I think he was enjoyed being around the other dogs and I guess he’s out in the play yard right now. So it’s it’s been a great experience. So you couldn’t be around after the traumatic experience home invasion that he went through. He couldn’t be around other dogs or other people without biting. And prior to that, you could walk with no bark. Come over to let you pet him. I mean, it’s just the sweetest heart dog until this took place and. There was no bringing him back. Yeah, they’re bringing him back. To bring him back to that. And that’s cute. So great to see.

In conclusion, K-9 Country Club truly stands out as one of the best dog boarding and daycare facilities in Spokane, Washington. As most of our satisfied customers can attest to the exceptional care and services they provide for our furry friends. But there are surely countless other stories out there from other happy customers, and we encourage everyone to share their experiences with this wonderful establishment.

If you’re looking for a safe and loving environment for your dog to stay and play in, look no further than K-9 Country Club. With our experienced staff, clean and spacious facilities, and dedication to the well-being of every dog in their care, you can trust that your furry friend will be in good hands.

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