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Are you looking for a top-notch dog boarding and daycare facility for your furry friend? Look no further than K-9 Country Club, located in Spokane, Washington. As the owner of K-9 Country Club, I can confidently say that we provide exceptional care for dogs of all shapes and sizes. From our spacious and clean facilities to our knowledgeable and friendly staff, I have always felt confident in how we take care of the family’s beloved pups in our care.

But as much as I love sharing my own experiences at K-9 Country Club, I know that there are countless other stories out there from satisfied customers who have had equally positive experiences with this fantastic establishment. That’s why I wanted to take a moment to encourage other customers to share their own stories, and to share one of our own as well. Let’s let Kenny tell his family’s story and experience with us.

My name is Kenny. I’m initially from Ohio, California. I kind of grew up with multiple family members moving around. I’ve been in the area since about 2015. I was on active duty Navy at the time, got assigned here as an investigator, and fell in love with the area. So we retired here. 

We have three dogs. My son has an Eastern European German shepherd, Jack. He’s 7 or eight. And then my daughter has a Siberian Husky Timber and I have a 9-month-old American bully exhale named Droga. I’ve done 5 combat tours, so I’ve worked right alongside canine units. We’ve had them with us, so I’m very familiar with service animals and their training. And so when I was looking for an area for my son’s dog, being a German Shepherd, I looked at quite a few different places. I even looked outside of the state and I ran across this place, K9 Country Club and I came in, met the staff, met at the time Stephanie, Jesse, Nick and we walked through the training program and I was very comfortable with it being very similar to what we would do with the animals in the service training wise and so I was like perfect fit and great environment. 

You don’t see any of the toxicity that you see at other environments with their animals now they take care of them. I mean they’re really a class act. I mean just the fact that you can board them here and you can watch a video when you’re out of town and see how they’re doing, it’s phenomenal. So yeah, we selected them out of quite a few different places because of the training. One thing you don’t want to have is a dog that’s uncontrollable, that’s really important to going out in public, make sure they’re socialized, but at the same time make sure they they know their commands and obey those commands because and when you’re in the public, things can get kind of anxiety-ridden for the animals when they’re out there. So the training for our dogs has been phenomenal. 

I can’t wait to get my pup in here. He’ll be the third one to come through the course. So it’s a great program and it definitely shows between when we take them out and we have friends’ dogs or our neighbor’s dog, we could see the difference between how they behave, they bark, what not, you give them the command and they obey you know and it’s really good that they do that. They get their treats and their family loving. We can take them out and be sociable to the grocery store anywhere else and they’re good with kids and good with people. So it’s paid like huge dividends. 

Oh yeah. We get all of our dog food here, our Victor dog food here. We won’t buy the stuff from other stores that have all the fillers that are not good for your animals. So we get our dog food here, we get the toys here, we get everything here. It’s just. You want to support a local business and you want to help that local business thrive. Especially when they invest in the community like Nick and Canine do. They really put a lot into the community and make sure they take care of the community. 

Tier 1, topnotch anytime I would come in, staff always knows us, and knows the animals, animals are always excited to see them, Timber and Jacks are always just loving that it’s for them. It’s like a home. It’s like, hey, this is my home and they love the staff. I could come in right before they close if I need to pick something up and then oh, don’t worry about it. We know we’re closing and getting what you got to get Kenny and you know if I got any dog food or any trees for the animals, they love it. They absolutely love it the public and I always recommend to the public. 

You’re always going to have people who are not always happy. In any line of business, you’re not going to get 100% people happy. The catch is why are you not happy, right? And have that conversation on that. And don’t go by the trolls and the misnomers. I’ve heard nothing but great things. I’ve done nothing but talk to friends, talk to family about it. Sent people over here for their animal training. And when we see people with animals, hey, you know, have you thought about having training because they couldn’t control their dog? You go into Home Depot and you see people with their dogs and they can’t control them on a leash and they’re just running wild. Or on video, you see dogs get into a fight and people are trying to get in. That means you can’t control your dog. 

Your dog’s not listening to you, they’re not trained. And you know a dog’s a family member, they’re a pet, but they have to be no different than your 10 or 12-year-old. You tell them don’t touch the stove so they don’t get burnt. They need to listen. Your dog is no different. They they got to understand those commands on that. So I always recommend coming here and get that training. And you as an owner need to get that training. It’s just as important for the owner to go through the courses and learn how to take care of their animal at the same time.

In conclusion, K-9 Country Club truly stands out as one of the best dog boarding and daycare facilities in Spokane, Washington. As most of our satisfied customers can attest to the exceptional care and services they provide for our furry friends. But there are surely countless other stories out there from other happy customers, and we encourage everyone to share their experiences with this wonderful establishment.

If you’re looking for a safe and loving environment for your dog to stay and play in, look no further than K-9 Country Club. With our experienced staff, clean and spacious facilities, and dedication to the well-being of every dog in their care, you can trust that your furry friend will be in good hands.

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