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I’m Karen Patratz and I am a true Spokaneite. I’ve lived here my whole life. Our family dog is a Newfoundland puppy, but through our lifetime we’ve had quite a few dogs. 

We’ve been here probably about seven months, and truly our experience at K9 Country Club has been instrumental in us keeping this dog. We tried. Other forms of training and attended another school for about 5 months and the dog made no progress at all. And as she gets bigger she really needs to be in control and you know she’s jumping on people, tearing up the house, really out of control. And then we took her down to the river one day and we were swimming her and she got out and she was just out of her mind and then we said we have got to find something better

So my daughter investigated around and we decided to bring her to the K9 Country Club to work with the crew here and it’s been wonderful. Snugs is a well-behaved dog now and I can take her anywhere. I have used all the services here. We’re particularly happy with the vet. Our dog has boarded for quite a few days here. Gotten great care from the staff. They love her and we buy all our dog products here as well as we are participating in a follow-up training after board and train. 

So we’re devoted to this, this particular spot, and these people, the staff is so welcoming. They know me, they know the dog and the dog is so happy to come in the door. She loves everybody goes, goes up and gives them all a kiss, and so I know she’s gotten plenty of love here. Well, I would highly recommend them. 

They’re true professionals and love the animals that they work with and they really know what they’re doing, so I absolutely would recommend them 100%.

In conclusion, K-9 Country Club truly stands out as one of the best dog boarding and daycare facilities in Spokane, Washington. As most of our satisfied customers can attest to the exceptional care and services they provide for our furry friends. But there are surely countless other stories out there from other happy customers, and we encourage everyone to share their experiences with this wonderful establishment.

If you’re looking for a safe and loving environment for your dog to stay and play in, look no further than K-9 Country Club. With our experienced staff, clean and spacious facilities, and dedication to the well-being of every dog in their care, you can trust that your furry friend will be in good hands.

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