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As much as I love sharing my own experiences at K-9 Country Club, I know that there are countless other stories out there from satisfied customers who have had equally positive experiences with this fantastic establishment. That’s why I wanted to take a moment to encourage other customers to share their own stories, and to share one of our own as well. Let’s let Dave and Teresa tell their story.

I’m actually born and raised here, so I’ve been here for a whole lot of years and I moved here a little over 30 years ago, so we’ve been using K-9 Country Club for a little over 2 1/2 to three years. Yeah, our dogs just absolutely love it here! It’s actually kind of fun as we’re coming down their barking when we get to the intersection, they’re always excited to see if we’re going to turn or not, and by the time I get here, I literally have to fight our little dog from getting out of the car before me because she always jumps out and wants to sprint to the door to get in here, so she loves it. 

We’ve actually had three dogs go through and we’ve used every single service here, board and train boarding, daycare, and grooming. We’ve done all of it. Unless there’s something we don’t know about we haven’t done. But they love it. They absolutely love it. We have two dogs right now that have become very functional parts of our family. We’ve had dogs for 30 years. This is the first time we’ve ever had dogs we could take somewhere and actually be well-behaved and healthy. We have the healthiest dogs we’ve ever had for 30 years and they like, he said, they absolutely love coming here and they have been through tons of training, but now it’s just maintenance. 

This has been the foundation and I would say Nick did a lot of training with us as opposed to just the dogs because we learned a lot. You have to train the people to train the dogs because the people sometimes are the ones that are messing the dogs up. And we had probably done that for a lot of years with other dogs, but this time we know how to manage the dogs and the dogs are now healthier and happier because Nick was a huge part of helping us train.

One of the things I appreciate the most about Nick and how he was working with us is he really understands how dogs think. He knows their psyche to the point that he would point out how our reactions to the dogs are and how they would understand it. And so as we slowly changed how we would interact with the dogs, all of a sudden our dogs were much more compliant and much happier to be with us. You know, they were. It just made a world of difference.

You know, having that perspective of it’s not just training the dog, it’s training the owners too, so that you get along well with your pets.

I learned to trust Nick very quickly because he absolutely knows what he’s doing. He has tons of experience. He has tons of good four stars under his belt. I’ve seen the benefits of other dogs and just watching our dogs go from being a nervous Nelly to being willing to jump on an inflatable slide, which would have scared the snot out of her before, so she’s free to have more fun. And Nick has just been really good at communicating, really good at a cohesive staff, so that everything flows from the values that K9 brings and every staff member participates in those values. They know our dogs, they know us as soon as we come in, they’re treats in hand. And so now it’s great. Yeah, I highly recommend K9 Country Club, I’ve actually had several friends that I’ve referred here after our experience and you know, as over the years we’ve had a lot of dogs, we’ve gone to a lot of different dog training. Nothing bad to say about any of them. They were good, but the experience we’ve had here was just head and heels above.

It’s just made a huge difference. And yeah, the staff here is just fantastic. They knew our dog’s name before they knew our names, but it only took a few extra times to drop offs that they started knowing us as well. And yeah the other reason that I really recommend K9 is when Nick works with our dogs, between the three different dogs, it’s been very three different sets of personalities in the dogs that we’ve dealt with and he adjusts his training for the dog. You know, we’ve had two that were fairly nervous, one that just had no manners but was sweet as can be and you know, he trained them, just had a little bit different approach with each one and the end result on all of them has been phenomenal.

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