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My name is Jeff Brodsky. I’m from Rathdrum, Idaho and I’ve been here for about, since 2013 so almost nine years. So I have a pit bull and I have a Cane Corso, so they’re both kind of like the  bully-ish strong, some people think they’re aggressive but they’re they’re just strong breeds. 

So I’ve been using K9 Country Club for four months now, it’s awesome! It’s totally changed my life, the way I live  with my dogs. Before, so my dogs actually killed one of my  goats and it was  um, they’re great dogs but they’re strong and I wasn’t controlling them the way I  needed to. So if I brought them out in public, if they would pull, they would literally crush my hand because they’re so strong. 

So I spoke to Nick and he has all the experience in the world, and he was very confident in being able to help me with my dogs. So he took my dogs, I never thought I would be able to bring out in public and around other dogs and other animals again, and made it so they could just be quiet and calm and you know, I bring them to restaurants. We go out to downtown Coeur d’Alene and we go to the barbecue place. We sit out with the dogs and the kids and it’s awesom! We get to enjoy our dogs and have them be a part of our life which I never thought we’d be able to do. 

Dealing with Nick is amazing. He would text me, give me updates, he would call me and check on me. Even if I’m the one who’s like busy, and I forgot to do a follow-up training session, he’s like hey we need to get you in you know can you can you make it on Thursday or that sort of thing. Always inviting me to group training classes and. 

Yeah he actually diagnosed an issue, a health issue that my dog Huckleberry had. He had a digestive issue and he was losing some body weight. Nick had dealt with that with some other dogs. He’s like, I bet it’s this. So he got me in with his vet and they were able to run the tests and get it diagnosed and keep him healthy. 

I would 100% recommend K9 Country Club. Every time I’m out he’s so well behaved now that people are always  like what do you do for your dog where did you get them trained or do you train them? And I always say like, K9 Country Club, and it’s it’s kind of funny  because Nick’s like I need to give you a commission. But seriously, every time I’m out you know, when you have a dog that’s really well behaved people are really impressed by it. And so I’m always happy to tell them  about K9 Country Club. 

All the people at work here always, they always stop what they’re doing, they come say hi. They want to pet your dog and you know he wags his little tail and, yeah it’s a  good thing man. We love coming here.

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