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Google Reviews For K9 Country Club: Part 1

By April 14, 2023April 28th, 2023No Comments

Are you looking for a top-notch dog boarding and daycare facility for your furry friend? Look no further than K-9 Country Club, located in Spokane, Washington. As the owner of K-9 Country Club, I can confidently say that we provide exceptional care for dogs of all shapes and sizes. From our spacious and clean facilities to our knowledgeable and friendly staff, I have always felt confident in how we take care of the family’s beloved pups in our care.

But as much as I love sharing my own experiences at K-9 Country Club, I know that there are countless other stories out there from satisfied customers who have had equally positive experiences with this fantastic establishment. That’s why I wanted to take a moment to encourage other customers to share their own stories, and to share one of our own as well. Let’s let some of our amazing customers tell you about their experiences!

They are the best in the area. We have tested a few different “highly recommended” places for our Huck and this by far has been the best. We have trained, boarded and groomed Huck there and it is literally the only place he runs to once we arrive. That is the best test…he loves it! They are well staffed and approach care in the most professional manner. This is a whole new level and I consider them experts. The facility is designed well for pets (indoor, outdoor, training like five-star gyms, etc.). TOTALLY IMPRESSED and will never return to some of the other places. It is like staying at a 2-star hotel after you have stayed at a 5-star, at the same price. I choose 5-star for Huck. They are trained professionals and have designed the facility, training and care based on what is truly best for dogs.

Thank you so much Lynnelle! We love hearing the great feedback from the results of our work. Thank you for trusting us! Let’s check out our next customer, Mickenzie!

K9 country club is a step above most dog trainers and I’ve been to a few. We entered our dog into their Board and Train program. As part of the training, it was emotional leaving our baby behind, but the club kept us informed weekly and it was such a treat to see our boy across their social media platforms. They took his “exposure“ training to the next level as he was introduced to farm animals, strangers, moving vehicles and kids.

Once we were able to see our boy again he was a different dog, from a good boy to a bestest boy he was. The one-on-one training continued with us as the students. The staff were clear and supportive as we trained alongside in a hands-on matter.

Now that our baby is home the training continues but the staff at The Club are still there, checking in and offering tune up training when needed. There to answer any questions as we move forward with our knowledge to continue the training at home.

Overall this facility is clean, big, welcoming and informative. You’ll sleep well at night knowing your darlings are in good hands.

Thanks Mickenzie! We love hearing the great feedback from the results of our work and love knowing we can help our community in the way we know best. Thank you for trusting us! Let’s hear what David has to say about his family experience with us!

Nick and his team have been doing a fantastic job with our pups. One has been in the board and train program to get help with his fear aggression and the other was boarding and socializing. If you have a dog with any behavioral issues, they do a great job of evaluating your individual situation and coming up with a custom training program.

We’re so glad to hear it David! Thanks for being the most amazing part of K9 Country Club and we can’t wait to see you again! What do you have to say about your time here with us Jeff?

we did the board and train at K9 Country Club. We have a mastiff that is super powerful and was hard to control. We couldn’t take him out to public places because it was too stressful. I thought he was too old to train. Nice took him for about a month and was able to transform him into a perfectly behaved dog that we love to bring everywhere with us. He’s still the same goofy dog he just knows what is expected of him and we now know how to communicate properly with him to reinforce his training. Nick took our dog home with him and worked with him around his animals. He treated our dog with love like he was his own!

We also love going to the Vet there. Dr Kappis is amazing and always takes time to answer any questions we have.

Thank you for giving us a shot with your lovely family member Jeff and we can’t wait to see you come get them groomed and boarded sometime soon! Last but not least for today, how do you feel about K9 Country Club Jan?

I have known Nick for over 15 years during this time he has trained many dogs for us, a security dog a service dog as well as well mannered pets. All trained to absolute perfection. Nick and his total staff have been wonderful, we can’t thank them enough! We currently have 2 dogs in training with him, we’ve been watching videos and are very pleased with their progress. Our pups have always had the very best of care, they come home happy and they’re always ready to return to Nick. Thank you Nick for caring so much for our babies, we really appreciate all you it all you do for us. You’re the best.

In conclusion, K-9 Country Club truly stands out as one of the best dog boarding and daycare facilities in Spokane, Washington. As most of our satisfied customers can attest to the exceptional care and services they provide for our furry friends. But there are surely countless other stories out there from other happy customers, and we encourage everyone to share their experiences with this wonderful establishment.

If you’re looking for a safe and loving environment for your dog to stay and play in, look no further than K-9 Country Club. With our experienced staff, clean and spacious facilities, and dedication to the well-being of every dog in their care, you can trust that your furry friend will be in good hands.

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