Puppies will be puppies and dogs with be dogs. This is true in many scenarios, like when your dog chases its tail, sneaks a slice of pizza left unsupervised, and shakes the pool water off itself and onto everyone within 15 feet. “Dogs will be dogs” is not an excuse for disobedience, however. Just like children learn manners and what is right and wrong, our furry family friends need the same training.

Dog obedience training has many benefits for both puppies and older dogs joining new homes. It’s a way to establish rules between you and your dog, with the help of expert dog trainers who understand canine behaviors and training techniques better than the rest of us.

Participating in a dog obedience course has five worthwhile benefits for you and your dog.

Bonding Time with Your Dog

The dedicated time for training with you and your dog provides an excellent opportunity to bond with your new best friend. Attend these training sessions and focus on you and your dog’s time together, without distractions on the mind. Your dog will enjoy the quality time with you. Chances are, it’s not every day your pup gets a solid time frame of your undivided attention.

Opportunity to Learn More About Your Dog

Especially for those who have adopted an older dog, obedience dog training is a chance to gain more insights about your dog’s behavior, temperament and personality. What you learn about your dog during these training sessions can help you understand your new friend and strengthen your relationship with him or her for years to come. Maybe your pup reacts poorly when people raise their arm, or whimpers when a man stomps the ground. Adopted dogs often have backgrounds that remain a mystery to us, but learning how certain movements and tones effect your dog can help you create a comfortable new environment.

Chance to Correct Problem Behavior

Dog owners often seek the help of expert dog trainers when there are problem behaviors that the owners are unable to fix on their own. Obedience dog training addresses these problem behaviors. Correcting problem behavior is often a process that requires patience and understanding, and the dedication to adhere to strict rules—it’s not a one-time fix during training sessions. Some dog training companies, like K9 Country Club, offer boarding and training options so that expert trainers have more one-on-one time in-house to help correct major problem behaviors.

Time for Socializing with Others

Puppies and older dogs alike can benefit from time socializing with other canines. This opportunity during dog obedience training helps instill your dog’s friendly behavior when interacting with other dogs, and allows an opportunity to address any problems you and your trainer notice. For pups who tend to be shy and keep to themselves, growing comfortable around other dogs is an important social skill—just as it is for humans. For those with serious social problems, the boarding and training option slowly immerses your dog into controlled social situations.

Ability to Create a Safer Environment

Well-trained dogs pose less of a threat to you, your family members, friends and others who come into contact with your dog. Uncontrollable dogs are often unpredictable and difficult to calm, leading to potential mishaps and injuries. Obedience training helps lessen the possibility of an incident, and if a situation does arise, your dog’s knowledge of commands is likely to help regain control.

Training doesn’t end after the obedience dog training course has finished. These courses help to establish the boundaries, teach basic commands, address problem behaviors and begin friendly social interaction. It’s up to you to continue using and reinforcing the commands and behaviors your dog has learned. The more you know and understand about your dog, the stronger your relationship can become.

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