6 Things to Consider When Boarding Your Dog or Cat

Our pets are members of our family, each with its own personality and “fit” into our complex family dynamics. Sometimes, however, certain circumstances, trips and vacations exclude our furry friends. Leaving your dog or cat in the hands of a pet boarding facility can be difficult, especially if it’s your pet’s first overnight stay.

Will Fido be well-cared for?
Will he have playtime and be given his medications?
Will it go unnoticed if other dogs pick on him?    

Choosing a pet boarding facility that you can trust may seem like a nerve-racking decision, but it doesn’t have to be. During your research for the best place to board Fido (or Kitty), consider these six questions.

Is it a reputable pet boarding facility?

First and foremost, is the facility at which you plan to board your dog or cat a reputable pet boarding facility? Put on your online-investigating hat and do some digging. What do the facility’s Google and Yelp reviews read? Does the company have an online presence and positive social media interaction with clients? Reading other pet owners’ great experiences boarding their furry family members at the facility you’re considering can increase confidence in your decision.

Furthermore, check to see if the company you’re considering has any certifications. This is not a requirement by law, but can amount to a pro on your pro and con list. And finally, avoid searching for the facility with the best rate. $10 per day is likely not enough for a facility to afford its operating expenses and maintain a sanitary, well-staffed environment.

Is the staff experienced and knowledgeable?

Visit the facility in-person and talk to staff members to get a first-hand experience with the professionals who will be caring for your pet. Are they friendly? How do they treat the dogs and cats they are around? Don’t be afraid to inquire about the staff’s experience, if staff is on-site around the clock and if staff is present when your dog or cat is in the same play area as other dogs and cats. The more you know about the professionals working at the pet boarding facility you’re considering, the more confidence you will gain about the care your pet will receive.

Will my pet have room to play?

Will my dog or cat have time out of its kennel? A week in a 5-foot by 5-foot space is certainly not ideal. Ample space for your pet to play and stretch its legs is a big concern when researching pet boarding facilities. Make a note to ask about playtime details—what is the space like? Are other dogs or cats in the same area at the same time? How long is playtime each day? Better yet—ask to see!

Can I tour the facility?

Any reputable pet boarding company shouldn’t object when potential clients ask to tour its facility. Check out where the kennels are located and what the play area looks like, and keep mental notes about the property’s cleanliness and safety. Are the other dogs or cats having fun, and are they supervised by staff members? Check and check.

Will my pet’s special diet and medications be a problem?

A high-maintenance cat or dog doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a human-only trip every once in awhile; it just means you need to be even more mindful that the facility you choose is accommodating to your pet’s needs. A good pet boarding company’s staff understands that specific diets and medication consistency is key to the health of your pet.

Are my pet’s vaccinations updated?

Each pet boarding facility has its own policy regarding the vaccinations needed before your dog or cat can stay. These requirements may include Bordetella, Rabies and DHPP, in addition to a fecal parasite test. This is for the health and safety of your dog or cat when interacting with others during its stay. The last thing you want to happen on the day you drop off Fido or Kitty is to find out that your pet’s vaccination records are not up-to-date. Make a note to schedule an appointment with your veterinarian to update your pet’s records in accordance with the facility’s requirements well before the date of your trip.

Researching the best pet boarding facility is never wasted time when it concerns where your furry family member will be staying while you’re away. The peace of mind from knowing your dog or cat is comfortable, well-fed, safe and having fun allows you to enjoy your time away. Some pet boarding companies, like K9 Country Club, even offer live video feeds so that you can check in on your pet to see what they’re up to.

Contact K9 Country Club for more information about its dog and cat boarding services, rates, vaccination requirements and facility tours.

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