cat boarding

Spokane Cat Boarding. We Love Cats, Too!

Now you can send your cat to camp
while you’re away.

Our cat boarding features state-of-the-art cat condos with built-in cozy caves and Plexiglass fronts for them to look through.


  • 1 Cat $30/day
  • 2 Cats $48/day
  • 3 Cats $64/day

Our cat condos are fully customizable to expand and accommodate as many as sixteen cats together.

We also have a floor-to-ceiling cat tree with multiple perches for our feline friends to peer out our large wall of windows.
Sanitary conditions are very important to us. We scoop the cat litter multiple times a day and provide fresh water and food throughout the day along with sanitizing the full cat condo on a daily basis.

cat boarding

Come in and take a tour. We’re happy to show you around!

Pet Hotel


Benefits for your cat
  • Large Cat Condos to Play In
  • Plenty of Places to Curl Up for a Nap
  • Lots of Captivating Toys to Play With
  • Great Opportunity to Socialize
Benefits for you
  • Convenient Location off of I-90
  • Cats Come Home Tired & Happy
  • Staff Members Monitor & Interact With Your Cat
  • We Accommodate Any Diet & Medication Regiment


Vaccine requirements are meant to protect your pet in our highly socialized environment.

Boarding and vaccine requirements include:

  • Rabies
  • Feline Leukemia recommended
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